Arrangements for Guitar

The arrangements for guitar all follow the same format: Each one is spiral bound with black semi-ridged press board. On high quality light tan paper, the first page contains historical, and/or informative information about the piece,the composer, tips on playing (if required) plus other interesting and pertinent notes. The lettering and music are done by hand with pen and ink with such care that at first glance it is often mistaken for printing. Mr. Evans has devoted much time to produce a book that goes well beyond "sheet music". With fingering given throughout for every selection, it is a welcome addition to your music library.


This has a few hard measures but follows the Piano as close as possible. Five pages.
Price : $10.95


A difficult piece to play, but follows Monte’s as written. Four pages.
Price : $10.95

Rondo in A Major

Classical Rondo and somewhat difficult. Three pages.
Price : $9.95

Milonga by Sabicas

A very difficult piece in a couple of places. Written as Sabicas played it. Three pages.
Price : $10.95